Lakeshia Ekeigwe


Welcome! My name Lakeshia Ekeigwe and I am so happy you are here!


I help women lawyers who feel a bit lost and confused about what they want next in their life to eliminate mental and emotional clutter, silence fear and self-doubt and gain rapid clarity around what they really, really want in their life. Together, we create a solid action plan to move them forward in the direction of their dreams.  Ultimately, they create balance in their life, business and relationships, and design lives they love!  

I have had the privilege of working with lawyers for nearly 30 years, coaching them long before I became a professional Life Coach.  

I have been uniquely positioned to observe the way most lawyers approach their work and personal lives.  As a result, I gained a very deep understanding of lawyers and their journey in ways most people do not.  I witnessed, first-hand, the sometimes devastating toll the extremely stressful nature of the legal profession can take on women lawyers and the people who love them.   I developed a strong desire to help them.  


I became a trusted confidant to many lawyers.  


I specialize in teaching women lawyers from a whole-person perspective so they not only have successful careers but happy, thriving personal lives as well.  Our work together increases their confidence, shows them how to own their value, resolve internal conflict and external conflict in a productive and non-adversarial way and to identify their unique zone of genius. 

I am passionate about the work I do in helping to develop individuals and organizations by diving deeply into core issues such as personal character, organizational culture, communication and personal accountability.  I provide personalized and customized coaching experiences for lawyers, law firms, universities, municipalities and various other organizations.  I facilitate courses on personal development, leadership development, women’s issues, inspiration, self-awareness and self-value. 

The best part of my work is creating loving, supportive, peaceful space for women who often spend a large part of their day fighting  . . . (I mean litigating) . . . for clients they may or may not like.  It is in this space that, together, my clients gain greater access to their zone of genius, make better life decisions and begin to understand their own personal power and truth.


Lakeshia is a Certified Life Coach and Member of the International Coach Federation; Certified in Mediation by SCMA – Southern California Mediation Association and The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office – Dispute Resolution Program; and Certified in Leadership Development by The Asian Pacific American Legal Center.  Lakeshia is an active member of Mensa (the “high IQ society.”)

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